Best hair growth oil for black hair

Written by: fictionhair

Published in: May 23, 2019

Best hair growth oil for black hair

This article help you find the best hair growth oil for black hair that meets your needs. Here are the best options from which you can choose your best hair growth oil for black hair.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil can be considered the best hair growth oil for black hair. This can be explained by its wide variety of benefits including nourishing, moisturizing, deep conditioning, defeating Dandruff, and stimulating hair growth.

How to use coconut oil

  • Warm the oil using the microwave or scoop 2 tsp. of the oil into a glass cup, and then place it into a bowl of warm water leaving it until the oil melts.
  • Massage your scalp with the melted oil and throughout your hair. To stimulate hair growth, massage it into the roots of your hair.
  • Comb your hair to be sure to distribute the coconut oil evenly. Put a shower cap on your head and leave it around 30 minutes. To allow deep conditioning using this best hair growth oil for black hair, leave the coconut oil on as long as you can, and then rinse your hair Using warm water.

Lavender oil

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils, known for its wondrous benefits for hair including relieving dandruff, promoting a healthier scalp, and stimulating hair growth. So this amazing oil can be called the best hair growth oil for black hair.

How to use lavender oil

To get the best hair growth oil for black hair, it is recommended to massage diluted lavender oil onto your scalp. Diluted lavender oil can be obtained using a carrier oil, such as jojoba or coconut oil.

  • Mix equal parts of the lavender oil and carrier oil.
  • Apply the mixture to your scalp, preferably following a bath or shower.
  • Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing it out. Leave it on as long as you can to get the maximum benefits from this best hair growth oil for black hair.

Olive oil

Want healthy, thick and long hair? Try this best hair growth oil for black hair. The following remedy helps remove impurities and sebum build-up, which otherwise will hinder your hair growth.

How to use olive oil

  • Apply olive oil, your best hair growth oil for black hair onto your scalp after warming it, and massage it gently for at least 3 minutes.
  • Wrap your hair in a warm towel to allow good absorption. Let it sit on your scalp and hair for a while and then wash it off using your ordinary shampoo.
  • For better results, repeat once a week.

Almond oil

Almond oil, the best hair growth oil for black hair is known for its healing and health properties. It is recommended for use as a hair product due to its rich benefits including softening, strengthening, and repairing of the hair, treatment of scalp conditions and stimulation of hair follicles.

How to use almond oil

  • Before applying the oil, it is recommended to rinse your hair and comb it out.
  • Heat up the almond oil in the microwave, and then apply the oil to your scalp using your fingers.
  • Gently massage your scalp and hair roots to help stimulate new hair growth, condition your roots, and protect your hair.
  • Comb your hair thoroughly from your roots to the tips of your hair making sure that all of your hair gets coated.
  • Cover your hair using a shower cap and let it about an hour before shampooing your hair.
  • Use this best hair growth oil for black hair twice a week.


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