Hair growth: Everything you need to know about it

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Published in: April 29, 2019

Our bond with our hair is a lot similar to our bond with people. The more you get to understand their nature, the better you can deal with them and expect their behavior. And as a result, you’ll be able to take good care of them. Hair issues are really more complex than we imagine. It’s imperative that we know everything we can about it so as to identify what the hair care method is the best to adapt. As well as how to adequately fix various hair issues.

In this article, we’ll tell you literally everything you would possibly need to know about the whole hair growth process, What’s your hair type, What are most important things to take care when it comes to dealing with your hair, and additionally some of the strangest info you may ever come to when you learn more about your hair.

Everything You Need to Know About the Hair Growth Process & Regrowing Hair

There’s a lot more to hair growth than most people think. The hair growth process takes place within the hair follicles. It occurs through 4 distinctive phases over the course of several years. The hair 1- grow, 2- regress, 3- rest and at the final stage 4- shed.

Knowing hair growth is a vital element of understanding more about why your hair weakens and sheds off. It’s also helpful information for regrowing your hair and assisting you to maintain as fuller hair as possible.

The 4 Stages of Hair Growth Cycle

Each of these 4 stages continues for a different amount of time, indicating that, it’s possible that your hair proceeds its growing process for several years before it enters into the next stages of the cycle.  Below, we’ve illustrated each of the hair growth phases in detail to help you understand the hair growth process better.

Hair Growth Cycle

First: The Anagen (The Growing) Stage

During the anagen stage, your hair is continuously increasing in length. This time of the hair growth cycle typically lasts for 3-5 years. However, some people have an anagen stage that lasts up to 7 years.

As the hair is actively growing during the anagen phase, the duration of this stage of the hair growth process is the determinant of how you could possibly grow your maximum length of hair. Still, for most people, the average growable length is 18 – 30 inches.

Second: The Catagen (Regression/Transition) Stage

After the hair follicle ends its anagen stage, it goes through the catagen/regression/transition stage. At which the hair follicle shrivels slightly in size and begins detaching from the scalp skin, preparing to eventually fall out.

Despite the fact that hair in this stage”detaches” from the scalp skin, it won’t fall out until later, typically when the new hair grows under the skin and it begins to force and push it out of the scalp.

Third: The Telogen (The Resting) Stage

After the hair follicle disconnects from the scalp, it begins a dormant phase identified as the telogen stage. This period normally lasts for 3-5 months before a hair becomes overly squeezed out by the growth of new hair.

The majority of people have approximately 10-20% of their hair in the telogen stage at any given time. Sometimes hair can suffer from a temporary shedding due to certain life stresses or other health conditions.

Fourth: The Exogen (The Shedding) Stage

As soon as the new hair is pushed to the surface of the skin, the old hair begins the exogen stage. Throughout this stage, the old hair fully separates from the scalp and falls out. You’ll see the detached hair while you’re combing, brushing or cleaning your hair.

The average hair to fall out each day is roughly 50-150 hairs. so, you don’t have to panic if you see a couple of hairs on your comb or brush.

As the new hair originates, it substitutes the old hair and concludes the hair growth cycle, providing you with replacement hairs for all of the fallen hairs lost throughout the catagen, telogen and exogen stages of the growth cycle.

Understanding the Hair Growth Process

Just like other vital processes performed in the human body, the hair growth cycle can sometimes be hindered and impaired by outside circumstances like anxiety, malnutrition, and ailment.

For instance, a deficiency of protein can lead the hair to start the telogen stage earlier than usual, resulting in extreme thinning and hair fall.

As the process of shedding hair needs many months to complete its cycle, modifications to your diet or anxiety levels can cause hair loss that may not appear until months later when your hair starts the exogen period.

To cut it short, if you felt stressed or not getting adequate amounts of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in your diet, it will take months to take its toll on your hair.

How to Regrow Hair

There are numerous methods and recipes to regrow hair. However, the most effective way depends on how you lost it in the first place.

If your hair loss is due to elevated stress levels, the soundest way to reverse the outcomes and to regrow your hair back is to eliminate the cause of tension out of your life. For a critical level of anxiety, it’s evermore an excellent decision to begin speaking with your doctor in order to determine the suitable explications.

Typically, when your hair loss is produced by malnutrition, the choicest plan to regrow your hair is to make adjustments to your nutrition and supplementation routine. Once again, it’s always safe to speak to your doctor.

You can as well use topical sprays and gel products that work on shrinking down the duration of the telogen stage.

It’s noteworthy to recognize that you can solely regrow from places where the hair follicles are still alive, wholesome and able of creating more hairs. If you’ve previously been losing hair in the same area for many years, it becomes harder to regrow new hairs naturally without some sort of medicinal or surgical intervention.

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Porosity

Do you have dry and tangled hair? Are those complex and pricey hair care products not working on your locks? Well, there’s clearly something amiss! To get the highest benefits of your hair care and styling products, you first must learn more about your hair’s porosity level.

This will not only assist you purchase products depending on your hair nature but also enhance the overall vitality of your hair.

What Is Hair Porosity Level?

Hair porosity indicates your hair’s capability of grasping and maintaining moisture and locking it in its cuticle layer. Apprehending your hair’s porosity benefits you in deciding the appropriate hair care products and procedures that are proper for your locks, by sparing you the struggle of formulating your own hair care routine.

Some people have very penetrable hair, some have a moderate level of hair porosity, while others may have much lower porosity levels. There are several levels of hair porosity – low, medium/normal, and high – that have been explained in detail in the subsequent segment.

Hair Growth Cycle

Hair Porosity Level

1- Low Porosity Hair Level

In low porosity hair, each hair pores are closely clenched and clamped down tightly together, bearing the entrance of moisture into the hair. This sort of hair makes it hard for moisture to penetrate it, but it too preserves present dampness for a longer duration. This kind of hair does not osmose oils and other hair remedies efficiently, leading to product build-ups on the scalp and hair.

2- Normal/Moderate Porosity Hair Level

Normal porosity hair swallows and keeps the appropriate quantity of moisture. Thus, making your hair fine, radiant, and full. It also enables you to test all sorts of hair styling, coloring and hair care products.

3- High Porosity Hair Level

Highly penetrable hair has larger and spacious cuticles that are able to not only absorb but also discharge excess moisture. Thus in most time making your hair kinky and dull. This sort of hair also becomes tangled quickly.

Now that you understand there are various levels of hair porosity, I’m certain you are interested in finding out how penetrable your hair is. You can simply try one of the following hair porosity experiments posted subsequently in order to find out!

The Easiest Hair Porosity Tests- The Float Porosity Test

Get a couple of your hair strands in your hand and place them in a dish full of room-temperature water.

Be positive that your hair is clear of any debris as they might change the test results.

Keep observing your soaked hair strands for 2-4 minutes.

  • If it quickly sinks to the bottom, this indicates that your hair holds a high porosity level.
  • If it slowly sinks, this indicates that you have a moderate hair porosity level.
  • If your hair kept floating on the surface of the water or in the middle part of the bowl after the specified time, this indicates that your hair has low porosity level.

6 Things You Need To Know About Your Hair

We’ve created a list of some of the important hair-related information that we believe you must be aware of. We also tossed in a group of hair care advice to encourage you to develop a better bond with your locks. We wish you’re taking notes!


6 Things To Be Aware Of Concerning You Hair 

1- Each individual strand of hair has a lifespan of around 3-5 years

So if the hair is going to endure the entire cycle, we should better keep it healthful throughout its lifetime. An unhealthy, split hair is not much delight to be around.

2- Hair is formed of a strong fibrous protein particles “keratin”

We are what we eat indeed. A poor or nutritious diet will eventually take its toll on all aspects of our health including hair. Protein is the construction block of every strand of hair that we own; And if we’re not intaking a sufficient amount of protein from our everyday meals, our hair will become brittle and its growth rates are always hindered. This could result in additional hair issues such as hair loss. To maintain healthy strands, a well-balanced diet that is loaded in protein and other essential minerals and vitamins is a must.

3- Hair growth rates are much better in warm weather

Warmer weathers actually encourage better and accelerated hair growth rates. Thus you surely were not at all wrong when you thought like your hair regularly appeared to grow quicker in summer times. So if you fancy to quickly grow a few more inches to your locks, try hanging out in hotter places.

4- Hair is an excellent sign of your overall well-being

Your hair knows what you did not only the last summer but during your entire life. Hair is capable of keeping records of everything that ran into your bloodstream. So your hair current status reflects your lifestyle across the past few years if you can imagine! So if you ever see that there’s something not going right with your hair, you have to recheck your lifestyle.

5- Hair is weakest when wet

That suggests that covering it tightly with a towel after washing it or vigorously brushing and rubbing it after each shower can result in severe splitting, weakening and damage. The right way to dry your hair is to lightly press out the excess water without rubbing. Then, begin combing the tangled tresses from the bottom working your way up to the scalp. This is also the idea behind the famous hair tip suggesting you should never tie or cover your hair when it’s still wet.

6- Your night-look-ponytail is actually harming your hair

Fastening your hair with hairbands – even the soft ones made of cotton or so- can generate pressure and cause tension to your hair as well as the scalp. Leaving your tresses down and free of ties for a couple of hours every day can definitely decrease the damage.

At The End

It’s truly enlightening getting to know all this stuff about your hair so you distinguish what to do and what not to do. After all, who isn’t really seeking gorgeous, fine hair, and in order to accomplish that, it all starts with how you handle your locks. Now that you understand your hair better, you can move on from this realizing point and start living happily ever after!

Stay tuned for a lot more of our interesting and informative hair topics, we hope you liked this and we are enthusiastically waiting for your feedback.

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iRestore Laser Hair Growth System


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