20 Proven Hair Growth Home Remedies & Natural
Hair Growth Home Remedies

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Published in: February 15, 2019

How effective are the Hair Growth Home Remedies depends on a number of circumstances and how they enhance and correspond to each other. Every lady fancies thick, rich, and radiant hair. From teens to grayed-hair women, everyone cherishes their hair. Since the beginning of time, hair has played a vital part in determining how people look. Luscious, shiny, long and strong hair was and still what everyone strives to get.

Sadly, just like any other thing in life, hair does age as we age and tend to fall and weaken. Our modern polluted environments and restless lifestyles, as well as much of the contaminated hair care unhealthy products, are the factors to blame for our hair deteriorated status. If you are looking for the most effective, reliable, safe and simple resolution for your hair, this article will gear you up with the proper Home Remedies For Hair Growth That suits every condition.

20+ Hair Growth Home Remedies And Expert Hair Care Tips

There are numerous Hair Growth Home Remedies, that can help people with weak or thinning hair. It all depends on the reasons why people experience thin hair in the first place. It may be the type of hair products they’re using, certain damaging hairdos, or it can simply be genetics. Please continue reading as we explain to you how to revive your hair into the luscious thick look you used to have…


#1-Natural Hair Growth Tips

In the type of world, we live in today, if your hair is weak and thinning, this indicates something is not going right. It’s also a sign that you may have to take better care of your health to start with. A lot of people lose hope when their hair starts thinning. But this is absolutely not true. All you have to do is to find the right Home Remedies For Hair Growth. Check these simple and easy tips for Hair Growth Home Remedies


1-Trim Your Hair More Often

Hair Growth Home Remedies

Bizarrely, if you want to grow thick and long, you’ll have to get regular trims for those unhealthy split ends.

2-Don’t Go Blonde

Blonde and platinum hair definitely looks like a million dollar. However, the lighter your hair shades, the more damaged and thin hair you would get.

3-Eating HealthyHair Growth Home Remedies

It’s not always about fancy hair products. Hair Growth Home Remedies starts from the inside of your body. Increasing the portion of some nutrients may have double the effect of any other remedy or product you use as Hair Growth Home Remedies. Try to eat more fish, beans, nuts, and whole grains. Focus on the type of foods that contains a lot of these vitamins and minerals; vitamins A, C, and E, zinc, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids.

4-Do Not Over-Style Your Hair

If you have to style your hair for some special date or other events, warns decrease the temperature of all your hair styling tools to the minimum. And use heat protection products as well.

5-Don’t Shampoo Daily

All recent hair-related research has stated that you only need to shampoo your hair 2-3 times a week our hair to keep some of its natural oils.

6-Try Cold Water Rinses After Hot Showers

Steamy showers may be good for your skin, but not as good for your hair. So, on your last rinse decrease the water temperature a little to keep your hair strong and healthy.

7-Do Not Brush Your Hair While It’s Still Wet

Hair Growth Home Remedies

Wet hair is weak and can be easily damaged. So, if you are in a hurry and have to brush it right away, at least try brushing from the ends then slowly brush your way up.

8-Silk Is More Gentle On Hair

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase causes less hair breakage and promotes hair to grow longer.


#2-4 Fast Hair Growth Secrets – How To Grow Hair Faster In A Week

Maybe you regret your recent hairstyle or attempt to find some Hair Growth Home Remedies that help you to rapidly grow your hair longer and thicker. There are a few effective methods you can take into consideration. Heres The top 4 Fast Hair Growth Secrets.


1-Warm Oil Massages Are Exceptional Hair Growth Home Remedies

Hair Growth Home RemediesMassage your scalp with warm natural oils to stimulate blood circulation. Thus improving the scalp health and helping more hair growth. Coconut oil, argan oil olive oil, and jojoba oil are all very helpful Home Remedies For Hair Growth.

  • First, warm up the oil in a steam bath (use a bowl full of hot water).
  • Check the temperature of the oil before using it to make sure it only warm not too hot for you to handle.
  • Apply the warm oil to your fingertips, lightly massage your scalp in circular movements.
  • Leave the oil to sit for 30-45 minutes
  • Wash your hair with your regular shampoo and rinse it well
  • Repeat if needed, until you remove all the oil

Try mixing and switching between different oil types. And do regular massaging with them on your shampooing days.



2-Make Hair Masks

Hair mask once or twice a week, is one of the Fast Hair Growth Secrets to stimulate your hair follicles. You can make your all-natural Hair Growth Home Remedies using the following ingredients:

  • Mix 1 cup-full of coconut oil with 1 tablespoon full of almond oil, 1 tablespoon full of macadamia oil, and 1 tablespoon-full of jojoba oil.
  • Apply the mixture to damp wet hair and spread it thoroughly to your hair roots.
  • Leave it to sit there for 10-20 minutes.
  • Finally, do your regular hair wash with your preferred types of shampoo and conditioners.


PS: Try using both oil massages and hair masks on the days you normally shampoo. That is to avoid weakening your hair by over washing it.


3-Try Castor Oil Hair Growth Home Remedies

Castor oil is acknowledged for its healthful impact on hair as well as skin. Using Home Remedies For Hair Growth that contains castor oil may encourage your hair to grow even faster and stronger. Just follow these simple steps:Hair Growth Home Remedies


  • Apply castor oil to your fingertips, and begin massaging your scalp and your hair with the oil until it’s all coated pretty well
  • Cover your head with your shower cap to allow the oil to get absorbed properly
  • Leave it overnight
  • In the morning, wash and rinse your hair well as usual until your hair is clean



PS: you can put a towel on your pillow in case of any of the oil leaks out to your pillowcase while you asleep.



4-Try To Rinse Your Hair Using Apple Cider

Hair Growth Home RemediesApple cider vinegar is one of the very powerful Hair Growth Home Remedies. It also helps to remove dirt, smudge, and oil accumulation in your hair and scalp. Furthermore, apple cider vinegar is probably one of the few things that can clean your hair from any hair product residuals as well as any other damaging chemicals.

  • Use apple cider vinegar as an alternative to your regular shampoo on the days you don’t usually shampoo.
  • Another way of using it is to give your hair a final rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar after your regular shampooing and conditioning hair routine.


PS: Don’t worry about how your hair smells vinegary. Such strong smell will fade out just in minutes after you dry your hair out.


#3-Natural Hair Growth Remedies For Black Hair

Everyone is constantly looking for that revolutionary hair product that will deliver those long tresses they’ve forever been fancying. But Some women naturally have the proper hair genes that help them to have such strong hair that grows in almost no time. However, genetics isn’t the only factor controlling your hair growth rates.

This is only something to remember when you are doing unfair comparisons of different people’s hair. Other factors inducing people’s hair to grow faster and stronger include;  healthy diet, stress, weather, over-all body health, overusing hair tools or some wrong hair growth products, lack of certain minerals or vitamins, etc.


PS: Curly or kinky hair types usually looks shorter than it actually is. Pus they are naturally harder to grow tall easily as other hair types.


3 Natural Ways And Home Remedies For Hair Growth – African Black Hair

We are all born with a certain number (about 100,000 hair follicles). We either keep or lose some on our journey. So, most hair products, as well as natural Home Remedies For Hair Growth, will only work on either maintaining or restoring your damaged hair follicles.

Hair is actually composed of keratin and expired skin cells. There’s no one honest way or certain remedy that can make your hair grow overnight. But there are some measures anyone can apply to take good care of their hair.


1-Healthy Food And  Proper Hair Vitamins

Hair Growth Home Remedies



You are what you eat indeed. The type of food you are eating can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining your optimal hair growth rate. Healthy dieting also makes your hair stronger and limits damage and splitting.

Read more about: 34 Best Food For Hair Growth And Thickness



2-Protective Hair DosHair Growth Home Remedies

The normal person’s hair growth rate is about 1/2 inch/month. So, if your hair is damaged, falling or breaking a lot, it may seem that it’s not growing at all. The ends of your hair are the oldest thus the most delicate parts of it. That’s why that sometimes overdoing your hair by excess brushing, detangling, blow-drying, and straightening it, will ultimately lead to damaging your entire hair and affecting its looks and growth rates.

Protective hair styling is obviously going to help you preserve and maintain your healthy hair. And it will protect it from being tied up or forced to certain shapes all the time. Try using the following protective hairdos to minimize manipulation and help retaining more length; braids, twists, updos, etc.


3-Scalp Massages

Hair Growth Home Remedies

With or without using any oils, scalp massaging for 10-30 minutes a day is an excellent way to stimulate your hair to grow longer and stronger. Massages enhance blood flow across the scalp area and will be particularly effective if you have thinning edges. It’s also a very beneficial way of rejuvenating permanently damaged hair inducing it to grow back again.


PS: It’s more effective to do scalp massages several times along the day.


#4-Indian Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Ayurvedic or Indian Hair Growth Remedies are a prevalent alternative among many women searching for some effective Home Remedies For Hair Growth. All you have to do is to incorporate the right natural ingredients that have been used for thousands of years. And are proven to cure almost all hair problems.

Try out these following 4 Powerful Ayurvedic Indian Home Remedies For Hair Growth, and you’ll be stunned by the result.


4 Most Powerful Ayurvedic Indian Home Remedies For Hair Growth


Hair Growth Home Remedies

The Indian word Bhringraj means “the king of herbs”. This may be because it actually is one of the best natural and Most Powerful Ayurvedic Indian Home Remedies For Hair Growth.  Not only that it encourages the hair to grow faster as well as stronger, but it also grows new hair follicles of the scalp.

Furthermore, it’s an effective stopper for premature graying hair. Bhringraj d is most commonly traded in its oil and powder forms. When applied to the scalp, it gives such an incredibly relaxing effect that even helps people suffering from insomnia.



How To Use Bhringraj As Hair Growth Home Remedies?

  • Get 5-6 tbsp of Bhringraj Powder or a handful of its Leaves
  • Mix the powder or the leaves with water until it turns into a gelatinous-consistency paste
  • Put the paste into your hair and scalp
  • Leave it to sit for 20-30 minutes
  • Shampoo your hair as regular

Repeat 2-3 times a week.



The Amla or The Indian Gooseberry Paints are efficacious Home Remedies For Hair Growth. It is also used as treatments for many conditions aside from preventing hair fall and strengthening hair. Ayurvedic experts say they are also great blood purifiers that treat indigestions as well. Amla is a natural dandruff fighter and great soother for itchy or irritated scalps.

How To Use Amla As Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Hair Growth?

  • In a bowl, mix of 5-6 tablespoon-full of Amla Powder with 5-6 tablespoon-full of Water
  • Combine until it forms a thick homogenous paste.
  • Divide your hair into 4-8 sections
  • Apply the amla paste to your hair and all the way to your scalp
  • Leave it in for 30-45 minutes
  • Shampoo and rinse your hair as regular

Repeat this process 2-3 times a week for the best result.


3-NeemHair Growth Home Remedies

Neem Pinit has been used for thousands of years to treat skin and diseases and also as one of the useful Hair Growth Home Remedies. Using neem on a regular basis on your hair can improve blood flow and stimulates hair growth.

Surprisingly, neem is an excellent remedy for lice and dandruff as well as its powerful effect in dealing with hair dryness, scaliness, eczema, psoriasis, and sebum.



How To Benefit From Neem And Formulate Hair Growth Home Remedies Using It?

  • Combine a handful of Neem Leaves with 2 cups of Water
  • Heat for 10-15 minutes until it gets to a boil
  • Set your mix aside until it cools
  • Strain the liquid from any residuals
    Shampoo and condition your hair as regular
  • Then Rinse it with the Infused neem water
  • Do not wash your hair any more

Repeat 2-13 times a week.



Ritha or soap nuts have been used for centuries as natural shampoos and Hair Growth Home Remedies.  Using it on a regular basis improves hair texture and strengthens it. Ritha is so milder and gentler to hair than any other manufactured products.


How To Take Advantage Of Ritha As One Of The Best Home Remedies For Hair Growth?

  • Hair Growth Home RemediesSoak a handful of Soap Nuts in 2 cups of lukewarm water
  • Leave it overnight
  • In the next morning, bring the water and ritha mixture t a boil
  • Turn off the heat and let it cool off
  • Rinse your hair with the solution
  • Massage your scalp thoroughly with the liquid for 5-10 minutes
  • Rinse again with clean water



#5-Homemade Tips For Hair Growth Faster

Once your hair starts thinning out and falling, your self-confidence will begin to fall down with it. This will induce you even harder to find a way to grow hair your faster with healthier products and natural Home Remedies For Hair Growth.

It doesn’t actually matter if you are searching for Hair Growth Home Remedies for their benefits or just because you are on a strict budget. Natural is always a better choice for you.


4 Tips And Home Remedies For Hair Growth 

1-Hot Oil Treatments

When it comes to healing your weak hair that doesn’t grow well, one key factor is to increase the blood flow to your scalp. This can absolutely be done using hot oil massage treatments as we mentioned before. the tiny blood vessels nestled in the scalp. In addition to enhancing blood circulation, massaging the hair help restoring and spreading its natural oils.


2-Egg yolks And Olive Oil Hair Growth Home Remedies

Hair Growth Home Remedies

By mixing egg yolk with good quality extra virgin olive oil, you can create a great concoction that will enhance your hair growth.
This is one of the most genuine hair growth secrets recognized by humans.
Eggs have a unique kind of protein called keratin. This is one of the normal components of hair particles.
As for egg yolks, when mixed with olive oil will promote your hair to grow stronger, faster and healthier.


3-Lemon Juice Hair Therapy

Lemon juice is one of the fast secrets and Hair Growth Home Remedies. Lemons contain a whole lot of loads of antioxidants. Lemon also contains many other vital nutrients and vitamins. Lemon juice scalp massage help stimulate blood flow as well as providing your hair with some of the indispensable elements for health.


4-Rosemary Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Rosemary is actually a marvelous herb for overall body health. However, when it comes to Hair Growth Home Remedies, it can actually make miracles. It remarkably helps increasing hair length, strengthening its roots, removing dandruff, reverse hair loss, and restoring gray hair to its natural color.


At The End

All of the above Hair Growth Home Remedies are proven to actually do the job. However, consistency is key when you are using all-natural ingredients. So, just don’t give up too soon and maintain a daily and weekly hair care routine, in order to get the result you are expecting.

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