How To Improve Hair Growth Naturally Faster At Home
how to improve hair growth

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Published in: April 11, 2019

We all dreamed of having Rapunzel’s hair, long and healthy. All you have to do is find tips on How To Improve Hair Growth quickly. Whether it’s through inside nourishing or topically applying scalp and hair products, there are many natural tips that can help you do that. We have selected the best pieces of advice on How To Stimulate Hair Growth!


How To Improve Hair Growth Naturally

Do you dream of long and beautiful hair? Look no further, these are some powerful tips on How To Improve Hair Growth Naturally without going through the extension plight.


What Stimulates Hair Growth Naturally?

The hair grows an average of 0.3 millimeters a day. If you’re hoping for a mermaid’s hair, you’ll have to be patient! Damaged hair tends to grow slower. To promote their growth naturally, it is important to take care and learn some new tricks.


What Stimulates Hair Growth Naturally?

  • Fast-growing hair is healthy hair. For this, I advise you to apply a conditioner or mask each wash to prevent hair breakage and splitting. You can moisturize your hair in addition to using natural oil treatments or repairing serums.
  • Despite common sense, for your hair to grow faster, I advise you to cut them regularly. Indeed, it will prevent your hair from being too damaged and less brittle. It is advisable to cut them by about 3 millimeters every 3 months.


How Can I Stimulate My Hair To Grow Faster?

Apply essential oil treatments to the hair 

For longer, shinier hair, use natural oils such as castor oil or coconut oil.

  • Castor oil is a thick oil, strong ricinoleic that has nourishing and invigorating properties. It stimulates growth and slows down hair loss.
  • Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E and iron, it helps nourish the hair in depth and accelerate growth.


How Can I Stimulate My Hair To Grow Faster? You can apply these oils before shampoo:

Step 1: Apply the oil along the hairline, scalp and on the tips as well.

Step 2: Massage your scalp to activate hair growth and blood circulation

Step 3: Leave for at least 30 minutes by wrapping your hair in a warm wet towel

Step 4: Rinse the oil, it is sometimes necessary to do two shampooings to completely remove the oil


How To Improve Hair Growth At Home

There are lots of small natural methods to use every day to have beautiful hair that grows faster.


1- Rinse this hair with a vinegar 

I agree the smell may not be loved by everyone but the effects are truly magical, the vinegar naturally tightens the orifices of the hair, it also helps to counter the effects of hard water which makes hair dull. It is also a powerful detangler and it naturally revives the color of our hair. In other words, too much sin to deprive oneself of it!

The homemade treasure is to take a bottle in which you put a quarter glass of vinegar and the rest is water. You can keep your mix for 1 month away from direct sun or heat.


2- Homemade mask recipe 

Here is a natural mask recipe to make at home to grow your hair.


– An egg yolk

– Two tablespoons castor oil

– A tablespoon of honey


Step 1: Mix all the ingredients in a bowl

Step 2: Apply the mixture to your scalp

Step 3: Leave 30 minutes

Step 4: Rinse with warm water and apply your regular shampoo.


What Foods Promotes Hair Growth?

A vitamin-rich diet will be felt in your hair that will appear denser and healthier. To stimulate the growth of your hair, you must have a healthy diet.

  • Favor foods rich in vitamins such as fruits and vegetables that activate the speed of growth of your hair and allow you to get healthier hair.
  • Foods rich in iron (vegetables, cereals, eggs, red meat …) can also strengthen and fight against hair loss.


Here are 8 foods to incorporate right now into your diet.


  1. Salmon 

Salmon is full of vitamins and nutrients that promote hair growth. Rich in vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, it also helps the scalp to be healthier.


  1. Almonds 

Almonds abound in “healthy fat” protein. Combined, these nutrients are excellent for hair growth because they are loaded with biotin.


  1. Olive oil 

Extra virgin olive oil is rich in essential fatty acids that promote healthy hair and can prevent frizz. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also relax the scalp. Just rub the oil directly on the hair.


  1. Avocado 

Avocados are excellent in nutrition and are packed with essential fatty acids. They would also be effective when mixed with sour cream and applied directly to the hair and scalp. This mixture exfoliates the dead skin as well.


  1. Eggs 

In addition to being an excellent source of protein, eggs can also promote hair growth. The omega-3 fatty acids and biotin they contain are excellent for hair growth.


  1. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are literally full of vitamins and healthy nutrients. Rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A, they contribute to the health of the scalp and hair growth.


  1. Oysters

Seafood also promotes healthy hair and encourages growth. Because they’re packed with zinc, a nutrient that can prevent hair loss and scalp health problems, oysters are ideal for those who want to grow their hair.


  1. Yellow peppers

Since yellow peppers contain more vitamin C than oranges, they are excellent vegetables to consume to strengthen the hair shaft and hair follicles. Vitamin C also prevents hair loss and broken hair.


How To Improve Hair Growth On Scalp

Hair loss is a widespread problem for both women and men. Many resort to chemical treatments, hair implants or even surgery. There are, however, simple, natural and inexpensive solutions to stimulate the regrowth of your hair: scalp massage, essential oils, adapted diet … Caring for your hair to prevent it from falling is also a way to keep hair dry. healthy and dense hair.


  • Make a beer yeast treatment 

Surprisingly salutary for nails and hair (try to intake 1 tablet a day for 3 months). It is an effective tip on How To Stimulate Hair Growth. The best thing about yeast is that it is ingested orally and therefore favors all hairs.


  • Apply castor oil

Castor oil is well known for promoting hair growth and unlike beer yeast, it is topically applied. You can, therefore, cast castor oil regularly 1 to 2 times a week without fear of any digestive issues. It can also grow eyelashes if you apply it. This is by far my personal favorite product for How To Promotes Hair Growth.


  • Ylang-Ylang essential oil 

It comes from Madagascar and is 100% pure and natural. In addition to its warm, sweet and intoxicating scent, close to the Tiare flower, ylang-ylang has the ability to penetrate the scalp and come to the hair bulb to revitalize it, accelerate the regrowth and to make the hair extremely long-lasting and resistant, hence a slowdown or a gradual stop of hair loss.


Apply each morning, for 15 to 20 days, on dry or wet hair, take 5 drops of pure essential oil of ylang-ylang on the tips of the fingers of one hand. Then apply these drops on the fingertips on the scalp, doing a light massage.


Can Scalp Massage Stimulate Hair Growth?

Like the rest of our body, the skin of the scalp has muscles, which we often ignore! But these muscles differ somewhat from the rest of our limbs as they only aim to protect the precious bones of our cranial vault. They, therefore, play a passive role in “buffer” or “damper” shocks or other traumas that we could suffer.


Can Scalp Massage Stimulate Hair Growth? The massage of the scalp helps maintain the flexibility of the scalp and stop its aging, by activating the blood circulation in this poorly vascularized region. According to naturopath Julien Kaibeck, it is important to regularly massage our scalp to oxygenate the hair roots and give them a better grip. It has the effect of promoting hair growth while toning the hair, helping it to regenerate, and fight against hair loss.


As a bonus, it airs the hair (especially if yours are often covered), relieves, resolves micro-tensions tensions and optimizes the penetration of products.

Recommended especially for dry scalp, it stimulates the sebaceous glands and induces the production of sebum, which is the protective and lubricating oil of the hair. It ultimately brings a deep relaxing and calming effect of the whole body!


Note that the ayrvédique massage of the head aims to regulate the activity of the subtle centers and vital points of the head and to influence the local area and the body.

  • Massage your scalp twice a week for 10 minutes in the shower: this will stimulate your scalp and promote growth and then between us, it is a relaxing time to do or be done.


How To Improve Hair Growth And Thickness

  • Oil baths to leave all night 

Know that the oils are to apply on the lengths and oddly not to the hair roots. There you can freely choose the ones you prefer in terms of smell. For my part, I love argan oil in winter and coconut oil in summer.


  • Use the least possible degrees of heat to style your hair 

Replace the hair dry, straightener, curling iron and instead turn to natural alternatives. Between us, in crossing amidst the humid weather outside I’m not sure that smoothing our hair is the soundest idea. In short, for the smoothing, there are definitive natural methods such as smoothing with keratin (provided you pay attention to the components!) But also, for example, a little known method kardoun.


  • Use A Bamboo Brush 

The antistatic properties of wood make it an ideal material for brushing our hair. And thanks to its wooden pins, this brush ensures light friction to the scalp and providing a gentle beneficial massage that balances the production of sebum.


At The End

Beware of miracle products that you see with TV; beware also of professional hair products that are rich in silicone! Try to embrace at least some of the rich info gathered above about How To Improve Hair Growth Naturally At Home

I hope you enjoyed this article, do not hesitate to give your own advice and comment in the comment area below. Tell us if this article has helped you in any way?



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