Pure Coconut Oil for Hair & Skin By COCO

Pure Coconut Oil for Hair & Skin By COCO & CO. Clean, 100% RAW, Travel Size 4.5oz


About the product
  • EXCEPTIONALLY PURE: High grade organic extra virgin coconut oil
  • FOR SKIN & HAIR: Soft, supple skin and thicker, shiny hair in no time!
  • HIGHLY RATED: “OK HOLY COW, There IS a difference! When I ordered this I thought now really? Is there really a difference in the coconut oil I’m buying from Sams… well….there’s a difference. A BIG one!” –Leslie B.
  • FOR SKIN: Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Eliminate blemishes, dark spots on face, wrinkles, age spots, and stretch marks. Used as a daily moisturizer for soft and youthful-looking skin. Anti-bacterial properties for itchy skin, eczema, and psoriasis. For blemish and acne-prone skin, absorbs fast and highly pure, will not clog pores. Repairs dry, cracked heels, rough elbows, scaly skin and scalp
  • FOR HAIR: Rich with the best nutrients and minerals for hair, Coconut oil penetrates hair deeper than any natural or artificial hair product can. Use as a daily conditioner, hair mask, deep conditioner or hair treatment. Repairs damaged hair, aids in hair growth resulting in thicker, shinier hair. Protects from sun damage. Perfect for curly, straight, blonde, colored, afro, dry, wet, short and long sexy hair; use as hair treatment after use of a straightener color or hair spray


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