Why Is My Hair Falling Out Female & Male 30+ Causes
why is my hair falling out

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Published in: April 17, 2019

Why Is My Hair Falling Out Female & Male 30+ Causes

15, 22, 46 … The hair left on your pillow in the morning or in the drain after showers seems to be increasing every day and you wonder Why Is My Hair Falling Out. Your hair is falling, more notably than usual? Is it just a seasonal fall or an indication of another problem? Eventually, you stare if it’s normal or if you really are losing your hair? Continue reading to figure out all the possible reasons and solutions for hair loss problems.


Why Is My Hair Falling Out

Why Is My Hair Falling Out? In fact, everything depends on the number of hair loss. We asked Pascale Mora, Director of Scientific Communication at Vichy, to give us an idea. According to her, “90 to 95% of a healthy person’s hair is still in the growth phase. The remaining 5 to 10% are inactive and ready to fall out. But she reassures: “Fortunately, the hair follicles are individualistic from each other so that we do not lose all our hair at the same time! “


Why Is My Hair Falling Out? The expert’s diagnosis: “It is normal to lose about 50 to 100 hairs a day. Do not be scared if you find a few dozen hairs on your brush. On the other hand, if your pillow is loaded with it when you wake up or if you find a handful in the shower, it is likely that you lose too much.


Why Is My Hair Falling OutHow To Figure Out Why Is My Hair Falling Out?

  • First, determine all your symptoms, precisely! How to defeat an enemy if you do not know exactly how it looks like? And even if you are sure that the triggering factor of your hair loss is for example to heredity (androgenetic alopecia), it is also necessary to know all the other possible aggravating factors. Because it will take into account in your course of treatment!
  • To treat, we will start by removing impurities (sebaceous waste) that stagnate around your roots and asphyxiates your hair growth. These impurities are real poisons for alopecia.
  • Once sanitized, you will see how your roots will regain their strength. The scalp will then be ready to receive the selected treatments that will produce hair that is better anchored to your head, more durable and vigorous!
  • Massage your scalp. Perform Massages (they are truly the hair workouts): this stimulates the circulation of blood and thus the liveliness of your roots.
  • Food: the right hair diet includes the least possible refined sugars and includes a sufficient intake of sulfur, proteins, iron, zinc, and vitamins of group B.
  • Beware of the vicious circle of stress: Anxiety and tension increases hair loss, which in terms increases stress, and thus increases the hair fall, etc. If necessary, use magnesium supplements, it is a good regulator of nervous tensions.
  • As for the shampoo, wash your hair according to its needs, and do not worry! Hair loss has nothing to do with washing them.
  • Anti-hair loss shampoo: And if your hair falls too early in the season, in spring or autumn, do not panic, it’s your biological clock that speaks! Just care to stimulate their regrowth.


Why Is My Hair Falling Out Female

Why Is My Hair Falling Out

I am more and more surprised by the number of women who are terrified of losing their hair. Never before was the topic discussed in conversations, but today is a real psychosis, ask around and you will see!
Why Is My Hair Falling Out Female – Dermatologists confirm this, their practices are stormed by women who consult them for problems of temporary or chronic hair loss. It was thought until now that women were protected from this problem by their female hormones, obviously, this is no longer the case.

How to avoid hair loss? Start by asking yourself about the treatments you are giving to your hair, and follow our advice.


bald at the top of the skull …

Baldness, it is well known, is an essentially male problem. This is called androgenic alopecia, which means that it is due to male hormones. For some men, it is sometimes difficult to live, but socially, the phenomenon is perfectly accepted. In women, baldness is more diffuse than in men, at the top of the skull (the vertex) and sparse hair on the parietal and frontal areas. By contrast, when it occurs in women, baldness is a tragedy. It is the loss of a major attribute of femininity. Shame, what …


Female pattern baldness – Why Is My Hair Falling Out Female


  1. Androgenic alopecia also exists for women. And in some cases, a practitioner knows how to overcome it. For example, when it is linked to taking nonsteroidal progestins, to the administration of male hormone derivatives in certain treatments of severe mastocytosis.
  2. Hypothyroidism: Polycystic ovary syndrome or other endocrinopathies.
  3. Chronic serious illness.
  4. A severe infection …
  5. Nutrition: A bad diet is sometimes is the cause of unwanted hair loss. Poor dietary habits cause nutrient deficiencies that are fatal to hair.


Why Is My Hair Falling Out Female? As a result, the patients multiply the examinations and the analyses… but rarely find the answer to their problem When nothing of all this is proved, it remains only to the stress (a small cure of antidepressants or anxiolytics, you never know) and deficiencies (usually we are looking for iron deficiency and that’s all).


What your hairdresser will never tell you about Why Is My Hair Falling Out Female?

If we see more and more bald women, it is more surely because of the hair products they use year-round than for any other reason. That nobody will tell you, especially not your hairdresser!

In the forums, on the Internet, more and more women are asking themselves this question, and rightly so. And all have identified the most dangerous products among the hair products: the hair colorants.


More and more women are witnessing a significant hair loss after getting their hair dyed. Nowadays, hair is a real fashion accessory, it is cut, it is modeled, it is ruffled but especially it is colored. Sometimes to elegantly match a lady’s purse or shoes, but especially to hide the white hair.


The dyestuff industry represents a significant economic market that even targets teenagers and men. 60% of women over 18 are directly affected. Blond, red, green, Auburn … The hair can take in any color according to the mood or the fashion and it is very difficult to escape the call of the color at the hairdresser’s salon or even on the shelves of the supermarkets. But now, we know it: chemical dyes are dangerous for your overall health not only your hair!


In hospitals, it is rumored that many female cancers of the bladder and liver are due to hair colorations. And we even hear that some biopsies can identify precisely what color was used by the sick lady …


The hair is not dead appendages that would be worn on the head! Because all around the capillary papilla (the heart of the hair bulb) are stem cells that are attacked and killed by chemical stains. The endocrine glands, in direct connection with the hair, will strive to eliminate the product very quickly because the threat is important, it is then the kidney that will be solicited. In the case of repeated and frequent aggression, the kidney saturates and it is the bladder that ends up being reached.


Why Is My Hair Falling Out Female

Why Is My Hair Falling Out Female? We all lose between 50 and 80 hairs a day. Like the cells of the skin, the hair is naturally renewed. Regrown hair basically replaces the hair that falls daily. Typically, each hair lives between 2 and 7 years. And each hair follicle that reproduces the hair, has between 25 and 30 cycles. However, under certain circumstances, hair loss can be stimulated. In the absence of regrowth, bald areas appear.


Why Is My Hair Falling Out Male?

Because of: genes, stress, seasonal changes …

In humans, hair loss is mainly of genetic origin. In fact, inherited androgenetic alopecia affects about 70% of men. More commonly, it is called baldness. It is due to the influence of male hormones, androgens. It can appear very early, from 18 years.


Gradually, the hair growth cycle regulates down to one year instead of three or four. The hair follicle instills less and less hair that is weakly fastened into the dermis. Result: the hair gets thinner and the scalp is balding, first at the temples, the forehead and the top of the skull.


Why Is My Hair Falling Out Male? Hair loss can also have other origins:

  • medications such as anticoagulants or some cancer medicines
  • a psychological distress
  • anxiety
  • dietary deficiencies
  • season changes
  • Treatments


Solutions to hair loss

In any case, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist quickly to stop hair loss without delay. It is indeed easier to delay the fall than to promote regrowth. Different treatments are available, in the form of specific shampoos, lotions, serums. The dermatologist may also prescribe medication. Finally, surgical grafting (as in the hair implant) techniques are a solution to hair loss.

In everyday life, it is also recommended To:

  • Take care of your hair by choosing gentle shampoos and avoiding the misuse of aggressive products
  • Rest and avoid stress
  • Have a healthy and balanced diet


Hair Falling Out In Shower

If you’re a woman with medium-long, long or thick hair, you’ve probably had this experience: you take a shower, wash your hair, find abnormal tufts of Hair Falling Out In Shower in the drain, and think “I lose my hair when I wash them! Is it normal to lose as much? “


So really, how much Hair Falling Out In Shower is normal to lose?

It is probably time to discover the facts, before doing a crazy search on Google and self-diagnose yourself with an incurable disease.


As much of the information you find online is often generic and broad, I will give you my personal experience. I have long and thick hair, so I’m used to experience Hair Falling Out In Shower. By the time I step out of the shower, the hair I lost filled a small handle. It’s terrifying, but my hair is still thick, which seems to defy logic. So what’s the deal?


Finding clumps of Hair Falling Out In Shower drain is actually quite normal. Women naturally lose between 50-100 hairs a day. This number may increase when you use shampoo, have longer hair, or wear elastic bands more frequently.

If you are like me and you wash your hair once a week, it would be logical for you to get a little more than 50-100 strands of Hair Falling Out In Shower, so do not stress too much.


However, if you’re still wondering why your hair does not get thinner with all these strands coming out every day, consider the numbers. The human head has between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs, so 50 to 100 threads a day make up a very small percentage of all the hair on your head.


But while it’s normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair a day, hair loss is actually a cause for concern. Here are warning signs to watch for in case of noticing an unusual amount of Hair Falling Out In Shower:

  1. Your hair loss increases

If you have always encountered a lot of Hair Falling Out In Shower, do not worry, but if you start to see more and more hair falling every time you use shampoo, it’s a better indication of an abnormal hair loss.

  1. Your ponytail is getting thinner

If your ponytail is usually thick and bulky, but you notice that it begins to thin, then you might want to investigate a little more to find out if you are losing your hair abnormally.

  1. You see your scalp

I recommend talking with your doctor or trying to find the cause when you lose excessive amounts of Hair Falling Out In Shower until the point you are able to see your scalp. This is probably the result of a disease, a nutritional deficiency or another serious issue.


Why Is My Hair Falling Out At 16

Help, Why Is My Hair Falling Out At 16. Help me, I am only 20 years old but I have the beginning of baldness, what to do? Or I’m just 18 years old and already bald. These are the questions we often see on teen forums. To answer these questions and understand alopecia we tried to explain what spur baldness.


Hair loss between 14 and 18 years 

In this age group, it is rather a temporary hair loss and you can get rid of it easily. The teenager notices a receding line of hair that is digging towards the inside of the head. In teenage girls, the onset of puberty can cause a loss of up to 100 hairs a day.


Why Is My Hair Falling Out At 16 – Between the age of 14, 17 years, hair fibers are evident on the comb or on the pillow. The teen is applying should try some natural hair loss treatments. apply lotions, anti-fall shampoos as well as adopting a supervised nutrition routine and considering dietary supplements.


Baldness between 19 and 25 years

On the Hamilton scale, you can notice several characteristics. In the peak, we see a top of the skull a little clear. Slightly, the U or M shape is formed on the first half of the skull. In young women, the number of hair loss is beyond 200 per day. The hair is fine and does not grow back. To treat this problem at this age, reduce shampoo washes, use after-shampoo lotions, anti-hair loss powders and for the last resort, you can decide to perform a surgical procedure such as hair transplantation.


Hair loss between 26 and 35 years

It gets complicated from the age of 26. The signs of baldness are clearly visible. In men, we can see the hair loss pattern in U or M. The woman witnesses an increase in hair fall, no hair regrowth, loss of hair size after delivery and also often with the use of contraceptives bills.


And after 35 years

After 35 years, alopecia is usually very pronounced. The hair is absent on the vertex. We have an entirely bald or semi-bald head, the hair exists only on the sides near the ears. For women, menopause causes the abundant secretion of testosterone, the dreaded enemy of the hair. More than half of the hair can disappear. Specialists are called for diagnoses and supervised treatment: implants, anti-alopecia powder, supplements.


Hair Falling Out In Clumps & Chunks

Many of you question me by messaging on the problems of Hair Falling Out In Clumps & Chunks especially after having made different types of straightening techniques: Brazilian, Japanese, Korean, Afro, American, etc …..

What you should know is that you notice more Hair Falling Out In Clumps & Chunks on smooth hair than on a curly or kinky hair.


Why? Simply that on a curly or kinky hair, the spiral shape of the hair making it easier to keep a hair that falls or breaks, it is less noticeable because it is precisely grasped by this “spiral” shape.

While on a sleek hair, nothing keeps the hair from falling out, so we notice more Hair Falling Out In Clumps & Chunks.


Know that on average, we lose between 150 to 200 hairs a day due to the classic renewal, on a long hair, it may seem more because the hair wraps itself and forms what can be said a greater “Hair Falling Out In Clumps & Chunks” on a brush for example.


What remedy for Hair Falling Out In Clumps & Chunks??

For theHair Falling Out In Clumps & Chunks, if it is normal hair loss due to the normal hair growth cycle, there is nothing you can do, and most importantly you will not be bald, it is the cycle of the hair which is replaced.

There are several causes of Hair Falling Out In Clumps & Chunks as I have specified so ask for a valid remedy and diagnosis appropriately prescribed by the hairdresser or the dermatologist.

If you are experiencing this type of problem, there is only one effective solution to cut off most of your hair, if the hair does not break before that.


How To Stop My Hair From Falling Out And Thinning

Change of season, fatigue, stress or maternity can trigger a hairy earthquake. Three experts give us their anti-hair loss methods How To Stop My Hair From Falling Out And Thinning.

Three experts come to our rescue and give us valuable advice on How To Stop My Hair From Falling Out And Thinning.


“The more the fall is remarkable and seems dramatic, the less it is serious, ” says Dr. Sylvie Garnier-Lyonnet, a specialist in hair falls

It acts in depth with a capillary fertilizer in the form of a food supplement that protects the roots of external hair against pollution, tobacco, UV … as they trigger fall due to premature hair death. And we then need to restore the balance out of the capillary hair growth cycle.


How To Stop My Hair From Falling Out And Thinning

  • Cystine, arginine, zinc, B vitamins, including B6 all, promote the manufacture of keratin and boosts hair growth while increasing its thickness. This process can be optimized by an adequate intake of vitamin B6.
  • As for arginine, its beneficial effect on the capillaries improves the resistance of the hair shaft.
  • Finally, zinc, which fights against androgens (male hormones).


But patience: getting a decent hair thickness requires at least four months of treatment.

The advice of the hairdresser on How To Stop My Hair From Falling Out And Thinning

  • The first routine is to aerate the hair by brushing 2 minutes morning and evening, head bent, from the back to the front, then vice versa, with a half-round brush, without touching the scalp to not irritate it. “This does not increase the hair fall, because any hair that falls is already dead since three months in the bulb,” says Catherine Chauvin, director of the Rene Furterer Institute
  • We continue with a self-massage that stimulates cutaneous microcirculation: sitting, elbows resting on the table, head inclined forwards, we massage in rotary movements with the fingers tips joined and the palms flat, from the neck to the top of the skull, for 3 to 5 minutes a day.
  • Then, to reactivate hair growth, hair bulbs are fortified with a serum or lotion concentrated in anti-hair loss active ingredients (amino acids, vitamins B5 and B8, copper, zinc) applied on damp hair for three months.


A list of the main nutrients to help you on How To Stop My Hair From Falling Out And Thinning

For women who are used to dieting, or for those who adopt unbalanced diets, the cause of hair loss is often there and a more balanced diet or smart supplementation can solve the problem. But we must also look elsewhere …

  • B vitamins seem to play a key role, especially vitamins B5 and B8 (also called biotin or vitamin H)
  • zinc for cellular regeneration,
  • silicon, deficient with age, which tones the structure of the hair,
  • iron, when it is deficient,
  • minerals: magnesium and calcium,
  • vitamin E,
  • sulfur-containing amino acids, especially cystine (Cystine B6),
  • germanium, which improves the oxygen supply,
  • wheat germ oil,
  • selenium for its antioxidant action.


The advice of the endocrinologist on How To Stop My Hair From Falling Out And Thinning

“We analyze the blood level of ferritin because any deficiency of iron (less than 50 micrograms) affects the hair,” recommends Dr. Paule Nathan, endocrinologist *.

  • And possibly supplemented with iron tablets (prescription), combined with foods that are rich in iron (black pudding, meat, liver, egg yolk, legumes, whole grains), associated with vitamin C which boosts 30% assimilation (raspberries, broccoli).
  • The TSH hormone level is also used to regulate thyroid secretion in case of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism and to find balance and stability.


At The End

There is no miracle cure for hair loss. Lotions and other products can strongly help the hair but cannot prevent it from falling. There are only 2 molecules tested and proven today in the treatment of alopecia, it is Minoxidil and Finasteride.

From an analysis of your hair, you can know today your mineral deficiencies, your excesses and know if you are victims of heavy metals. From your hair, you can identify your DNA. Your hair is you.



iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System


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